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Client support

Contractor support

Capacity control of current retaining walls, for example penetration of rust/corrosion

Assignment management

Design of retaining walls

Design of lime cement columns

Design of foundations for heavy construction crane setups

Slope stability investigations

Settlement investigations

Geotechnical investigation

Soil radon survey (radiation)

Excavation bottom inspection

Compaction control of unbound material, e.g. before asphalting where elasticity modulus is evaluated in the compacted material

Fixed price assignment

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Below are a selection of photos taken by Simon Dawd, Geotechnical design engineer at previous employments.

Embankment build up on lake Mjösa for the construction of a new railway, Norway

Installation of anchors for a retaining sheet pile wall in Minnesund, Norway

Inspection of excavation bottom prior to the foundation of a tower crane, St Göran’s Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden

Inspection of a retaining sheet pile wall prior to a further extension with struts, Kungälv Hospital, Kungälv, Sweden

Inspection of welds performed on life braces between the flanges on UPE-type beams. It is important that what we design for is also carried out in reality, Kungens kurva, Stockholm, Sweden

Control of shear strength in clay in the field with a hand-held wing instrument before excavating a pipe trench, Vällsta, Upplands Väsby, Sweden

Immersion of a stormwater pipe with a crane truck. Load distribution plates had to be placed under the crane truck’s support legs to cope with the bearing capacity, Järfälla, Sweden

About Geomanager

Geomanager has the holistic perspective in mind for clients, consultants and contractors as the geotechnical competence within the company has been built up through experience in these three pillars for the public construction sector.