Below are a selection of photos taken by Simon Dawd, Geotechnical design engineer at previous employments.

Embankment build up on lake Mjösa for the construction of a new railway, Norway

Installation of anchors for a retaining sheet pile wall in Minnesund, Norway

Inspection of excavation bottom prior to the foundation of a tower crane, St Göran’s Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden

Inspection of a retaining sheet pile wall prior to a further extension with struts, Kungälv Hospital, Kungälv, Sweden

Inspection of welds performed on life braces between the flanges on UPE-type beams. It is important that what we design for is also carried out in reality, Kungens kurva, Stockholm, Sweden

Control of shear strength in clay in the field with a hand-held wing instrument before excavating a pipe trench, Vällsta, Upplands Väsby, Sweden

Immersion of a stormwater pipe with a crane truck. Load distribution plates had to be placed under the crane truck’s support legs to cope with the bearing capacity, Järfälla, Sweden